VB MCC Vilnius

Vorų Broliai MCC Vilnius (Spiders’ Brothers MCC)
Vilnius motorcycle club Vorų Broliai MCC (VB MCC) was established on April 1, 2000 as a supporting club to VORAI MC.

On the day of formation VB MCC consisted of 4 members, later the number varied from 4 to 24. This was because those who were experienced enough joined VORAI MC, some other left their biker days for the past. But those who stayed continued their actions and kept on seeking their goals.

With the expansion of the Club, new VB MCC branches appeared in various cities such as Klaipėda, Vilkaviškis, Juodkrantė, Alytus, and Akmenė.

The Club is run by the President who is elected by VB MCC members.

During weekly meetings different questions concerning planning rides, events and inner issues are discussed. VB MCC is active in communicating with other clubs, participating in biker events in Lithuania, as well as abroad.

VB MCC has visited such countries as Germany, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, and Byelorussia. We have been active participants in guarding different events, performing other collaborative tasks.

If new like-minders happen to appear, branches will definitely be formed in different places because 4 enthusiasts are enough to build a new branch.

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