VB MCC Druskininkai

In 2002 some motorcyclists from Druskininkai came to the concert To Native Land where they met the guys from VORAI MC. The fellowship turned into substantial collaboration that is the guys from Druskininkai took part in hang outs run by Vorai MC and really liked what they did.
That same year 4 bikers established the branch Vorų Broliai MCC Druskininkai. In summer the branch attracted one more member from Druskininkai, to bring its membership to 5.

On October 1, in Municipality of the city a Public Organization – the motorcycling club Vorų broliai (Spiders’ brothers) was officially founded.
This promissing branch did a great job performing supporting tasks, also organized Vorų dienos (Spiders‘Days) and other biker events.

As time passed, some of the members left the club, others joined VORAI MC.

In 2005 Vorų Broliai MCC Druskininkai broke up and was re-formed into Vorai MC Druskininkai hangaround branch.

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