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1987-1990 were the years of “perestroika” witnessing collapse of Communism, the disintegration of Communist regimes in Eastern Europe and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). As new winds blew in Lithuania, a lot of new things started appearing, among them – motorcycle riding youths called rockers.

Rockers were very active in Vilkaviškis, though among them there were quite many who regarded the movement just as a matter of fashion. An increasing access to the information about the motorcycling culture started changing the guys’ attitude towards the rockers’ movement and motorcycles. The initially most popular model JAWA with 2-stroke engines was gradually replaced by heavyweights with 4-stroke engines and also retro-styled motorcycles. Those who wanted not to be associated with rockers caring about the form rather than the spirit made the decision to found the Club MAR‘as.

The motorcycling Club MAR’as was officially established on December 6, 1990. The initial letters of the Club’s name mean as follows: M stands for motorcycles, A is the initial letter of alus (beer) and R stands for rock. The Lithuanian word maras means “plague” so the name of Club implies the motto: “Fallen ill with motorcycles, one will go on till death comes”. We created the colors of Club and wore them on the left sleeves that were the image of the Grim Reaper representing our incurable passion about motorcycles. The club united like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts who shared the same love with motorcycles and the feeling of freedom they give. Then followed several years of active riding.

Due to many reasons most members of the club no longer were actively involved in riding. As a result, the club activities started fading out.

Over the last years, activity of the club started reviving due to a general rise in prosperity in the country. Despite that we had to start from the very beginning as the life had changed remarkably. We again participated in biker events, renewed communicating with other biker clubs. We set a goal to bring MAR’as back to life. After the club Vorai MC offered MAR’as to join their club, the latter one discussed all the possibilities and came to a conclusion to join the club Vorai MC.

On October 6, 2006 the motorcycling club MAR’as was re-formed into Vorai MC supporting club called Vorų Broliai MCC Vilkaviškis.

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