VB MCC Kaišiadorys

A week before the season opening in Vilnius in 2007 a six-guy group of motorcyclists from Kaišiadorys and Elektrėnai asked for permission to join VB MCC. The same spring VORAI MC gave the green light to them to set up their own branch in Kaišiadorys.

On July 23, 2007 Public Organization Vorų Broliai MCC Kaišiadorys was founded in the Municipality of the city. Since then they have participated in the events organized by VORAI MC, as well as by other clubs, the Municipality, in various city celebrations, also they actively communicate with local youths, go together on rides.

Gradually the most promising members of them became VORAI MC hangarounds which resulted in the formation of Vorai MC Kaišiadorys hangaround branch.

The Club helps Vorai MC Lithuania Kaišiadorys in preparations for the annual Winter season opening. The members go on rides abroad and join the bikers’ fests in Lithuania.

As the time flows, so the members of the club change. Some entered Vorai MC; others look forward to their chance.

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